Electric Bikes – A Beginner’s Guide to Zooming Uphills!

E-Bike hire in Kinsale – is it for you?


Electric bikes are amazing to cycle! With an electric bike, going uphill is just like cycling on flat or level terrain. As a result, electric bikes are great for people who have injuries, older people or people who want to go further. Maybe you find yourself struggling to keep up with a friend or partner who is a regular or more accomplished cyclist? Take an electric bike and you’ll find yourselves much better matched to cycle together! If you want to see all the best places around Kinsale but don’t want to slog uphill, then renting an electric bike is THE solution.

Wild Atlantic Sports are the only company offering e-bikes in Kinsale. And that’s great, because there are no shortage of hills in Kinsale! What’s more, our new fleet of electric bikes are ‘pedal assist’ – that means that the power kicks in only when you are pedalling. If you find yourself going too fast, simply stop pedalling and the motor will turn off.


What makes e-bikes so great?


  • The 3 Fs!  FUN, FASTER, FURTHER.
  • Low impact activity – great for older people or those with injuries.
  • Make uphills easy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Friendly on the environment.


How do I use an electric bike?

Electric bikes are really easy to use. They have most of the same features as a usual bike, however, the main difference is the onboard computer mounted on the bike’s handlebars and the battery which is usually mounted to the frame of the bike. The onboard computer allows you to control the power of your bike. What’s more, it’ll show you useful facts and figures such as your speed and most importantly how many kilometres of power you have left!

Most electric bikes will have a number of different power levels. When you start to cycle, pick a low level/eco level and keep the power on this level if you are cruising on flat ground and just need a little help. However, if you find yourself heading up a steep hill, just turn up the power to take the strain off your legs. With just the press of a button, you’ll feel just like you are cycling on the level. What’s not to love?


How far can I go between charges?

Firstly, there’s no easy answers here as there are a number of different factors that affect battery life. However, the battery on the Wild Atlantic Sports e-bike will last over 80kms, often up to 120km. That’s enough for most people! Also, the battery level is shown on the handlebar display and it’ll also show you an estimate of how many kilometres you have left. There are a few things that affect the distance you can travel between charges:

– The power level you use. If you select the Turbo Power Level, it’ll be easy to pedal, but your battery won’t last long. However, if you use the Eco Power Level (lowest) to go further on one charge.
– The terrain you are cycling over. Long steep uphills equal high battery.
– Wind: If there is a strong headwind, you’ll use more power to travel the same distance.

Ready to rent a bike….

So, to conclude, why not give an electric bike a go? They’re a great way to explore the hilly Cork area. And with an electric bike,  you can go further and see more of the local area without breaking into a sweat! We have daily or weekly e-bike rental options available so go on, give one a go…..you won’t regret it!.

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