Wild Atlantic Way, GPS Guided Electric Bike Tour

Coast & Country Bike Tour


“Ebikes are ideal for long rides in the hilly South of Ireland! Try it with Wild Atlantic Sports.The service, delivery and help is perfect, Ruth always available and answering.”

– Patricia D, Sept ’19


 The Coast & Country Tour is a two day, GPS guided electric bike tour takes you from Kinsale to Clonakility.

As you cycle along the spectacular coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way, enjoy stops for fresh, local food. Kinsale has a well deserved reputation for amazing seafood restaurants. Clonakility, meanwhile. is known for its local artisan food produce, especially cheese. Cycling between these towns, there are some great places to eat. You can choose from one of the restaurants, cafés or local food trucks en route.

DAY 1:

We’ll show you how the bikes and GPS work and wave you off on your electric bikes! You’ll spend the day exploring the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way. We recommend breakfast at the Cosy Café in Kinsale before you leave. After cycling the coast through beautiful Sandycove, it’s time for morning coffee, soaking up the view from the Signal Tower at the Old Head of Kinsale. You’ll pedal past sandy beaches, enjoying the rolling, green Irish countryside. In Timoleague, you could have lunch at Monk’s Lane before the final push to Clonakilty town. Then bikes, down, it’s time to relax!

DAY 2:

After a hearty breakfast in your B&B, it’s time to hop back on the bikes for some more amazing coastal scenery. You’ll be off the beaten track today exploring the Seven Heads Peninsula.  Make sure you don’t miss Dunworley Beach and keep an eye out for the statue to locally born explorer, Patrick Keohane, who in 1910 took part in Captain Robert Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. Lunchtime! Sit out in the beautiful, sheltered courtyard at the Golden Pheasant Café. Toasted sandwiches or salmon and brown bread, soup – yum! Once, you complete your cycle and arrive back in Kinsale, it’s time to relax in one of the local pubs. Time for a pint or a drink to celebrate – the perfect end to a great weekend of cycling (and eating)!


Is this tour for you?

This is a great bike tour for couples or small groups who are looking for adventure. It’s great for someone who wants to try cycle touring  for the first time. Also this cycle tour is perfect for anyone who likes cycling and loves good food! This route is hilly so electric bikes are provided with a number of power levels to make the trip easier and more enjoyable. Don’t worry, the bike screen will tell you how much battery you have left and the battery can last 100km without a charge. You’re unlikely to run out of power.

To find out more or book this tour online,  check out the Coast & Country Tour page.

Sprocket Rocket, Cycling for Primary School Children

Today saw Ruth, owner of Wild Atlantic Sports, launch six new cycling videos for children in association with Cork Sports Partnership. These videos bring the Sprocket Rocket programme, a cycling skills programme for primary school children to life!

Sprocket Rocket is a Cycling Ireland developed programme aimed at primary school aged children. The programme covers  four FUNdamental cycling skills – balance, braking, cornering and pedalling.

You will learn how to run a fun cycling skills event or a number of training sessions in your area. So, whether you are a parent, teacher or a youth/community worker, you will find these videos fun and helpful. Each video focuses on one skill and uses an easily set up game or task to allow children to allow practice. Plus, there are teaching points and tips to help improve and progress that skill. Combine the sessions to run an hour long fun skills session in your area or run each skill week by week to form a month long programme. You decide!

Sprocket Rocket video series Wild Atlantic Sports cycling primary school children


  1. Introduction: An overview of the programme and explains how the videos which follow are set up. Each of the next four videos look at a separate cycling skill.
  2. Balance – we’ll explain the skill, show you how to set up an exercise and give you teaching points to improve.
  3. Braking
  4. Cornering
  5. Pedalling
  6. Conclusion: How to set up a fun obstacle course that combines all the skills.

If you’d like to sign up to receive the videos, you can do so on the Cork Sports Partnership website, here.

Cycling for primary school children, Sprocket Rocket, Cycling Ireland
Sprocket Rocket logo.

We also run a number of different programmes and courses for schools, children’s group, youths and adults. If you’d like to find out more about other skills programmes that may be of interest, find out more here.

Kinsale Coast Bike Tour

The Kinsale Coast Tour

A Must for First Time Visitors to Kinsale!


The Kinsale Coast Bike tour is a half day guided electric bike tour that explores Kinsale Harbour.  It’s a great way to get your bearings when you arrival in Kinsale. We’ll give you an introduction to the history of the town, places to visit and recommend restaurants and cafés. Kinsale is hilly, but don’t worry you’ll be cycling an electric bike so you’ll zoom effortlessly uphill!  To get the most from this tour, you’ll need to be comfortable cycling in traffic and also be prepared for some steep descents.

Customer Review:

“Great way to see Kinsale & the surrounding area, took about 2.5 hours. The electric bikes are brilliant, make the uphills like downhills! Ruth is very friendly & accommodating. Highly recommend the tour”. – Paul M, Aug 2020


Explore Forts, Beaches and a Sheltered Cove

We’ll meet you in the centre of Kinsale and get you set up with bikes and helmets. It’s a short cycle from town to Charles Fort.  Charles Fort, an impressive star shaped fort, was built in 1682 to defend the town and harbour from intruders. From here, there are great views back into the town, across the water to James Fort and Dock Beach and out to the harbour entrance. 

We return back to Kinsale town, and walk or cycle slowly through the colourful, pedestrian shopping area at the heart of the town. You’ll definitely want to explore these narrow streets again after the tour! We’ll point out the best restaurants in the ‘gourmet capital of Ireland’ so you can plan your evening meal. Choose between fresh seafood, asian or vegan options.

Leaving town, we’ll cycle the coast to Dock Beach, a small sandy beach popular with locals and visitors alike. From there, it’s a 15 minute cycle to Sandycove – a beautiful sheltered cove protected by a small island.  Sandycove is really popular with sea swimmers who do  laps of the island in summer and winter (each lap is 1.3 miles!). Keep an eye out for the wild goats that live on the island! Then, it’s a quick pedal back to Kinsale and a chance to rest your legs with a tea, coffee or soft drink of your choice, relaxing as you overlook the marina.


Who is the bike tour suitable for?

Pick an electric bike when you book, if you have a moderate level of fitness or want to relax and enjoy this tour. Be prepared to cycle in traffic around the town and also for some steep descents at times. 

If you’re feeling VERY fit and really want a good workout, pick a standard bike when you book. There are some short but very steep uphills, so be prepared! Again, you’ll need to be comfortable cycling in traffic and ready for steep descents.

To enjoy the tour at it’s best, we recommend selecting an electric bike!

Great, I’m ready to book!

Find out more and book online here – Kinsale Coast Tour

Tour price: €50 electric bike, €40 standard bike.

Prices include use of bike, helmet, high vis, tea/coffee or soft drink en route. Tour takes 2-2.5 hours. Over 12 years only.

Electric Bikes – A Beginner’s Guide to Zooming Uphills!

E-Bike hire in Kinsale – is it for you?


Electric bikes are amazing to cycle! With an electric bike, going uphill is just like cycling on flat or level terrain. As a result, electric bikes are great for people who have injuries, older people or people who want to go further. Maybe you find yourself struggling to keep up with a friend or partner who is a regular or more accomplished cyclist? Take an electric bike and you’ll find yourselves much better matched to cycle together! If you want to see all the best places around Kinsale but don’t want to slog uphill, then renting an electric bike is THE solution.

Wild Atlantic Sports are the only company offering e-bikes in Kinsale. And that’s great, because there are no shortage of hills in Kinsale! What’s more, our new fleet of electric bikes are ‘pedal assist’ – that means that the power kicks in only when you are pedalling. If you find yourself going too fast, simply stop pedalling and the motor will turn off.


What makes e-bikes so great?


  • The 3 Fs!  FUN, FASTER, FURTHER.
  • Low impact activity – great for older people or those with injuries.
  • Make uphills easy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Friendly on the environment.


How do I use an electric bike?

Electric bikes are really easy to use. They have most of the same features as a usual bike, however, the main difference is the onboard computer mounted on the bike’s handlebars and the battery which is usually mounted to the frame of the bike. The onboard computer allows you to control the power of your bike. What’s more, it’ll show you useful facts and figures such as your speed and most importantly how many kilometres of power you have left!

Most electric bikes will have a number of different power levels. When you start to cycle, pick a low level/eco level and keep the power on this level if you are cruising on flat ground and just need a little help. However, if you find yourself heading up a steep hill, just turn up the power to take the strain off your legs. With just the press of a button, you’ll feel just like you are cycling on the level. What’s not to love?


How far can I go between charges?

Firstly, there’s no easy answers here as there are a number of different factors that affect battery life. However, the battery on the Wild Atlantic Sports e-bike will last over 80kms, often up to 120km. That’s enough for most people! Also, the battery level is shown on the handlebar display and it’ll also show you an estimate of how many kilometres you have left. There are a few things that affect the distance you can travel between charges:

– The power level you use. If you select the Turbo Power Level, it’ll be easy to pedal, but your battery won’t last long. However, if you use the Eco Power Level (lowest) to go further on one charge.
– The terrain you are cycling over. Long steep uphills equal high battery.
– Wind: If there is a strong headwind, you’ll use more power to travel the same distance.

Ready to rent a bike….

So, to conclude, why not give an electric bike a go? They’re a great way to explore the hilly Cork area. And with an electric bike,  you can go further and see more of the local area without breaking into a sweat! We have daily or weekly e-bike rental options available so go on, give one a go…..you won’t regret it!.