Learn to Cycle

This summer, we started our first Learn to Cycle classes for adults! Run over 6 weeks, these classes were a great success – all participants were cycling by the second week! If you’re an adult, who can’t cycle, but would like to learn, read on…..

So, here’s how we go about teaching someone to cycle. We take an ordinary bike and remove the pedals. Our first time cyclist sits on the bike as usual and instead of using pedals, uses their feet on the ground to push along. So, we basically turn an ordinary bike into a balance bike. Once the cyclist can comfortably glide on the bike with feet off the ground for a few seconds, then we put the pedals back on and after a quick introduction to using the pedals, many beginners just cycle away.

If you are interested in cycling for the first time, take the most difficult first step and give us a call!

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