Sprocket Rocket, Cycling for Primary School Children

Today saw Ruth, owner of Wild Atlantic Sports, launch six new cycling videos for children in association with Cork Sports Partnership. These videos bring the Sprocket Rocket programme, a cycling skills programme for primary school children to life!

Sprocket Rocket is a Cycling Ireland developed programme aimed at primary school aged children. The programme covers  four FUNdamental cycling skills – balance, braking, cornering and pedalling.

You will learn how to run a fun cycling skills event or a number of training sessions in your area. So, whether you are a parent, teacher or a youth/community worker, you will find these videos fun and helpful. Each video focuses on one skill and uses an easily set up game or task to allow children to allow practice. Plus, there are teaching points and tips to help improve and progress that skill. Combine the sessions to run an hour long fun skills session in your area or run each skill week by week to form a month long programme. You decide!

Sprocket Rocket video series Wild Atlantic Sports cycling primary school children


  1. Introduction: An overview of the programme and explains how the videos which follow are set up. Each of the next four videos look at a separate cycling skill.
  2. Balance – we’ll explain the skill, show you how to set up an exercise and give you teaching points to improve.
  3. Braking
  4. Cornering
  5. Pedalling
  6. Conclusion: How to set up a fun obstacle course that combines all the skills.

If you’d like to sign up to receive the videos, you can do so on the Cork Sports Partnership website, here.

Cycling for primary school children, Sprocket Rocket, Cycling Ireland
Sprocket Rocket logo.

We also run a number of different programmes and courses for schools, children’s group, youths and adults. If you’d like to find out more about other skills programmes that may be of interest, find out more here.